26 October, 2020

"In The Current Situation, Not A Single Baloch Is Ready To Be With Pakistan"

A balochi leaders talks about the fight of the Balochi people and the human rights situation in Balochistan.

"In The Current Situation, Not A Single Baloch Is Ready To Be With Pakistan"

Pranay Sharma spoke to a Baloch leader based in a western capital. He cannot be identified by name or with a picture, as he fears the safety of his family, who are still in Balochistan. He is also attached to the Baloch Human Rights Council, formed by the Baloch Diaspora in 2009 to highlight human rights situation in Iranian and Pakistani Balochistan. Excerpts:

Could you tell us about the current state of affairs in Balochistan? How bad is the human rights situation there?

It is getting worse by the day. It appears that Pakistan has decided to make its conflict with the Baloch as a fight to the finish. More than 24,000 Baloch activists are missing. Thousands have been extra-judicially killed. Balochistan has been converted to a military garrison. It is directly ruled by the army and security agencies. The pup­pet provincial government is a rubber stamp. For now, the main objective of the Pakistani military is to evacuate the surrounding areas for the proposed railway and highway from Gwadar, running...



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