20 October, 2020

In Search Of The Round Figure

In Search Of The Round Figure
I am 6 feet tall and I like playing basketball with men. Especially those who are shorter than me." As she stood there in her 6-inch stiletto heels on a platform which was 15 feet above our eye level at the unusual Femina Look of the Year, that made for a roomful of potential basketball players.

But I could bet that there wouldn't have been too many volunteers for the game this particular young lady wanted to play. To start with, we all felt vertically challenged, change that to vertically intimidated. Then again, we felt otherwise awestruck by this tribe of ladies up there: these women (girls really—the oldest was 22, the youngest 17) seemed awfully self-assured, even cocky. They certainly wouldn't need a male shoulder to cry on. (And even if they did, would any male shoulder be high enough?) What has happened to Indian women? They were graceful, submissive and certainly in need of masculine assurance and solidity. Plus they were petite, rounded and, if truth be told, certainly in need of a missed dessert or two.

Where has this new breed sprung from? You...



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