14 April, 2021

In Residence

On Narayan Dabolkar Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai.

In Residence
I have lived in Shanti Cottage, Narayan Dabolkar Road, Malabar Hill for about 40 years. Over these years some changes brought about in my environment could have been avoided but I would still say that I live in a very comfortable area of Mumbai. There has been a lot of construction; I didn’t expect so many buildings to come up. I am saddened by the fact that there has been no proper town planning to aid this construction explosion. A simple example is that most of these buildings have no proper car park facilities and the vehicles spill over onto the roads.

I also didn’t expect heritage buildings to be pulled down. I have very fond memories of Petit Hall. It was like a palace, the prettiest building in Mumbai. It doesn’t exist anymore, there is a modern building in its place. The traffic in the area too has to be controlled. But there have been some changes for the better. Some 15 years ago, the Priyadarshini public park came into being. The hawkers in my area too have been removed. It was not a smooth process. It never is when you want to evict hawkers. But the...

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