20 October, 2020

In Praise Of Anand Mahindra

For reminding Haryana’s chief minister that “any investor looks for security and law and order”

In Praise Of Anand Mahindra

Indian businessmen are notorious for not speaking their mind in public. ­Barring exceptions like Rahul Bajaj and Anu Agha (and how long ago was that), most coast along with the powers of the day, mindful of what a wrong word or sentence might do to their businesses and NPAs at the hands of vengeful politicians and parties. What a relief, therefore, to see Anand Mahindra remind Haryana’s chief minister that “any investor looks for security and law and order”. ­Recent events have cast a shadow on that. Mr Mahindra, being polite, was putting it mildly of course, for the landscape across vast parts of the country is swollen with hate, venom, poison and resentment. But at least he has made a start. ­Hopefully, other suits and boots will muster the courage to tell the dhotis and kurtas (not to mention, chaddis) that economic progress at the cost of social harmony is not very cost-effective for the nation’s bottomline.



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