02 August, 2021

In Portia's Court

She is winning the argument. The courtroom as a traditional male bastion is adjourned.

Jitender Gupta
In Portia's Court


  • The number of women studying law is on the rise. In Mumbai, women form 60-65% of students in law colleges. It was 35-40% in the early '90s.
  • Women make up 50% of graduates of the elite National Law School in Bangalore
  • In 2003, only 17 out of 514 Supreme Court and High Court judges were women. By 2007, this had increased to 39 out of 597 judges.
  • Women members constitute 15% of the Supreme Court Bar Association and their number is steadily rising.


Hall Of Fame

1959: Anna Chandy becomes the first woman High Court judge

1977: Leila Seth becomes the first woman Supreme Court senior advocate

1989: Fathima Beevi becomes the first woman Supreme Court judge.

1991: Leila Seth becomes the first woman Chief Justice of a High Court (Himachal Pradesh)


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