19 June, 2021

In Long-Lost Lahore

Actor Dev Anand recounts nuggets of his journey past Wagah

In Long-Lost Lahore

IT was a great moment. A moment of monumental importance. When two estranged countries embraced each other. And rewrote a chapter in history.

As a motion-filmmaker, I love unusual moments. So, when I received a call from the PM's office inviting me to accompany him to Pakistan, I didn't hesitate. I said 'fantastic , cancelled the shooting of my film Censor, and asked for a confirming fax.

Soon I was on the flight to Delhi. Other invitees too had started trooping in. We were briefed, taken by bus to the airport, and put on a flight to Amritsar, where chief minister Badal hosted a reception for us.

Then we were on our way to Pakistan. Two buses took us to Wagah. I was in the PM's bus. We spoke to him for a few minutes. Outside, people were lined up on both sides, hailing us, waving. Punjab flitted past in all its colours-orange and rust, green fields, blue skies. Things moved fast, but I clung on to the moment, mentally and physically alert to the greatness of the event. Fatigue hit me only after I returned.

At Wagah, we all jumped off the...

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