02 August, 2021

In Kusht Basti, an economics grad becomes the Second Coming

Deepak Kumar
In Kusht Basti, an economics grad becomes the Second Coming
The child lepers of Kusht Basti in Chapra district of Bihar may not have a Mother Teresa caring for them, but they have someone who comes very close to the Saint of the Gutters. And she goes by the name of Raushan didi. In the last three years, Raushan Ara has become the person the lepers of Kusht Basti worship as their Mother. For them, Raushan is doing what neither the government nor, for that matter, any ngo has done in the last forty years since they settled here—giving their children a future.

An economics graduate and in her late twenties, Raushan is a living example of grit, dedication and determination. Her dream, for now, is to make every child in Chapra district literate and disease-free. "I chose to work for them because child lepers are the most unfortunate, uncared-for lot in our society, deprived of everything for no fault of their own. Born of infected parents, they lose what little they have right in the beginning—from education to entertainment," says Raushan with mother-like concern. Despite her own shaky financial status, Raushan has been regularly...

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