13 April, 2021

In Invisible Ink: Missed Scoop

The Ambanis can manage the media. On anything, anytime.

In Invisible Ink: Missed Scoop

NOT very long ago the press conference that Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) would hold before its AGM in Bombay used to be an annual event every journalist wanted to be invited to. And Reliance didn't disappoint. It used to be a joke in town, this push to get the invites. From top editors to beat reporters covering Reliance, everyone lined up to be there.

No one has ever doubted the media clout of the Ambanis. The access Reliance enjoys in the media from the lowliest reporter to the top editor is a well-known fact.

If there was any evidence needed of this clout, it was there for all to see when the raids began at the Reliance offices and the residence of the Ambanis in Bombay. It was the biggest story of the day. But the manner in which it was covered by the print media is a story in itself—it's called 'media management'.

Barring a few exceptions, including The Statesman, The Pioneer and the multi-edition Navbharat, published from Madhya Pradesh, mainline newspapers published from Delhi and Bombay played down...

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