17 April, 2021

In Dialectical Mode

The UP imbroglio brings to the fore differences within the fold

In Dialectical Mode

KALYAN Singh gave a talking point to the United Front by forming a jumbo ministry in Uttar Pradesh,but the Left is still trying to come to terms with the differences the UP crisis highlighted within the fold.

It was the CPI stand, articulated by the redoubtable Indrajit Gupta, that kicked off a storm. Usually satisfied in dovetailing itself with "big brother" CPI(M) on the "line" to adopt on such issues, the fact that their most respected leader—and home minister—was called on to play a crucial role led the CPI to take a definite stand from October 19, when the BSP withdrew support to Kalyan Singh's government.

"We demanded the resignation of Kalyan Singh on moral grounds and made it clear that the BJP was  making a mockery of democratic norms by insisting that it would be able to prove a majority, because the only way they could do that was through horse-trading," says CPI secretary D. Raja. But the CPI, with Gupta and Cabinet colleague Chaturanan Mishra spearheading the fold, also...

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