26 September, 2020

In Defence Of Bina Ramani

Everybody loved her parties yet now they're demonising her, says socialite Zothanpari Hrahsel

In Defence Of Bina Ramani
I have been amazed at the frenzy with which the press has been attacking Bina Ramani, someone I've known for almost two decades. Surely we are missing the point by devoting reams of precious newsprint to the Jessica Lall murder while we ignore the real issues involved.

Every morning, munching Marie biscuits with my tea, I am horrified by the brutal murders in the city: a four-year-old child raped then strangled, a bride burnt alive. I knew Jessica and mourn the death of a bubbly glamour-struck, fun-seeking young woman who dared eye greener pastures. I feel for her family and share their grief, which no one seems to care about in the battle for shock-value press coverage.

Instead, there is the rush to demonise Bina Ramani. This is based solely on the fact that the murder took place at her recently-acquired heritage building, which, the press hints gleefully, she has turned into an upmarket commercial complex selling sexy lingerie and perfumed candles. I've been to the complex, found it fun, elegant and clean, reminiscent of the care given in Europe to heritage-building...



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