04 August, 2021

In Andheri, A Centrifuge of Dissent

Shanbag has perfected the use of music and drama in his productions over time. The show is also accompanied by interesting graphics.

In Andheri, A Centrifuge of Dissent

Words Have Been Uttered
Starring: Jaimini Pathak, Ayesha Raza, Hemant Hazare, Mansi Multani.
Director: Sunil Shanbag

Imagine Galileo’s discoveries, the subversive prose of Chugtai, a Dalit folk singer’s ballads and other writings on dissent through the ages—28 in all—resonating in one quaint location in Andheri. These are the ingredients that make up Words Have Been Uttered, a performance put ­together most effectively by Sunil Shanbag, Sapan Saran and Irawati Karnik.

In Studio Tamasha, a small, interesting space for theatre emerging in the western suburb of Mumbai, performers sit in a semi-circle and enact their pieces in turns. The 120-minute show sets the...

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