08 March, 2021

Impure For Sure

So, that's petrol or diesel you're filling? Half of it may be naphtha/kerosene. And the scam starts from the top.

Jitender Gupta
Impure For Sure
Everybody knows it happens, but on what scale, nobody quite knew. Adulteration of petrol and diesel is a big-ticket scam that involves an annual recurring loss of at least Rs 10,000 crore to the exchequer. And worse, there is hardly any player in the oil industry who can claim not to be involved. Be it the public sector oil companies, who run 23,000 petrol and diesel pumps that retail Rs 1 lakh crore worth of petroleum products a year, the public and private sector refineries, state and central governments and the politicians and bureaucrats who run them, why even the local police station. Many of them directly, others as facilitators.

Naphtha with petrol, kerosene with diesel, recycled engine-oil with fresh lubricants: this is the devious formula that is at the core of one of the biggest cesspools of corruption in public life. The ministry of petroleum has conducted various studies, including a survey by Tata Consultancy Services. All of these confirmed that the extent of adulteration is huge and peg the loss to exchequer at over Rs 10,000 crore. In 2002, the Oil Industries...

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