14 June, 2021

Impeccable Cuts

Sex, politics, media, an unholy menage a trois. Shobhaa De’s first fiction in a decade. Exclusive excerpts:

Illustration by Sorit
Impeccable Cuts

Amrita swiftly shut the door behind her after making sure the room was empty. Sethji looked at his beautiful daughter-in-law and touched her upper arm lightly. She reminded him of the lotus blossoms that she daily offered to the marble goddesses in the family temple in the courtyard. Amrita had obviously left her puja halfway this morning. Sethji inhaled deeply. Amrita exuded such a special fragrance, he could recognise it anywhere. He shut his eyes briefly and the image of her naked body flashed before him. He didn’t want her to break the spell. Sethji reached out in an attempt to enfold her in his arms. The heady aroma of sandalwood paste, rose petals, joss sticks, pure ghee, incense and kumkum filled the room. Amrita looked like the goddesses she worshipped so faithfully at dawn each day.

She was clad in a freshly starched white sari with tiny embroidered rosebuds scattered over it. As always, the neckline of her choli was low and deep. The cut so impeccable she didn’t require a bra to hold her shapely breasts in position. Sethji yearned to pull her on to...

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