03 March, 2021

Imitators Can Only Go So Far

Samsung continues to imitate Apple...even the Galaxy S4 is not compellingly innovative.

Imitators Can Only Go So Far

Samsung is a big technology behemoth that is fully vertically integrated in hardware, giving it economies of scale and cost to build very price-competitive electronic devices. However, Samsung still lacks the talent of software innovation that Apple has and Nokia has ably demonstrated in its low-cost cellphone dominance. Samsung’s biggest asset is its vertical integration, enabling it to design its chips, manufacture them, build LCDs and its own complete mobile devices in-house, giving it a unique selling proposition of offering lower price points due to lower cost of production. However, Samsung continues to imitate Apple, even the recently launched mobile phone, Galaxy S4, is not a compellingly innovative product.

Much of Samsung’s edge comes from Google which has enabled Samsung and others to unleash competition with Apple by offering a free mobile operating system—Android. Without Android, there is no Samsung high-end mobile phone or tablets. Google benefits by staying on the new mobile platforms to dominate “search”. Samsung, obviously,...

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