18 June, 2021

'I'm Doing It In My Own Style'

After lifting the ban on state government officials' participation in the activities of the RSS, Gujarat's BJP government is now "weighing the pros and cons" of a similar decision with respect to other Sangh parivar affiliates like the VHP

'I'm Doing It In My Own Style'

Why has the government decided to lift restrictions only for the RSS?
The Muslim League divided the country; they organised riots and disturbances but the Congress came to power after aligning with them in Kerala. It would really be gross injustice to put restrictions on organisations which have never done something like that.

But other pro-Hindutva organisations like the VHP and the ABVP continue to be on the restricted list?
We are thinking about that. A decision on whether we should lift the restrictions or not will be taken in the future. But the RSS has not done anything wrong. Actually, the decision to restrict the RSS was taken by the previous government in order to remain in power and suppress the RSS. Is it wrong to inculcate the feeling of nationalism among the people?

There are apprehensions that proximity to the RSS will now become the sole criteria of doling out favours to government servants...
Ours is a transparent government. We will not let anyone take advantage of their proximity with the RSS. At the same time, we...

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