01 October, 2020

I'm Beloved

An honest, unabashed record

I'm Beloved
In his moving Psalm of Life H.W. Longfellow wrote: Lives of great men all remind us/We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leave behind us/Footprints in the sands of time...It can safely be surmised from Protima Bedi's diary notes, Timepass, that she'd leave behind footprints only when she could cause scandal and be firmly assured that the media was around. She lived her life eating lotuses for every meal while her public persona was a creation of the burgeoning tabloid media which, desperate to find icons, often created them from dust. However, her craving for "the different" inevitably became an obsession with Protima-even a sickness. And this is what emerges page after page, episode after episode.

Can such a person be a role model? What is to be gained from the memoirs of one for whom public approbation meant nothing; the love of near ones didn't ostensibly matter too much, and who lived like Ayn Rand's fictional heroes, theorising that selfishness is the ultimate virtue. In a life full of men and destructive relationships-some discussed in lascivious...



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