02 August, 2021

Illiterate Herself, She Brings Education To Fellow Tribals

Illiterate Herself, She Brings Education To Fellow Tribals
She hasn't attended a single day's school herself. Poverty made sure of that. Yet today sexagenarian Tulsi Munda is known for her mission to spread literacy among the underprivileged. An encounter with Vinoba Bhave when he visited Orissa in 1963 during the Bhoodan Andolan padayatra set her on the path that was to change the fortunes of her people. On that padayatra, Tulsi promised Vinoba she'd follow his guidelines and principles throughout her life. A year later, in 1964, enthused by the acharya's ideals and goals, and armed with her social service training, she started work in Serenda.

Charity begins at home but Tulsi also chose Serenda because "it was extremely backward and poor". Today, her efforts have benefited not only the villagers of Serenda where she's based with her Adivasi Vikas Samiti, but for the people living around 100 km of this tribal belt. Popularly known as Tulsidi, she's changed the whole educational statistics as well as the social standard of the area through the school she runs under the aegis of her Samiti....

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