17 April, 2021

If The Pose Holds

An Outlook-IBN investigation, conducted over several months, catches policemen and others spilling the beans on the shoddy investigation into the disappearance of Swami Shankardev, Baba Ramdev’s guru

Sanjay Rawat
If The Pose Holds
“I have taken some loan from you for this trust but I couldn’t repay you. Please forgive me. I am leaving.”

These 21 words in three selective lines (the police wouldn’t part with the original or a copy) indicate that the author ‘left’ of his own accord, even provides a plausible motive. But five years after Baba Ramdev’s guru, Swami Shankardev, went missing from the Divya Yog ashram in Haridwar in July 2007, the mystery behind his disappearance has not been lifted; in fact, more intrigue has unravelled after an Outlook-IBN undercover investigation. And not only because someone tampered with the date of the letter and sought to make it July 14 from July 11; or because the police was informed by Ramdev’s Man Friday, Acharya Balkrishna, only on July 16, a full two days or more after his disappearance.

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