24 July, 2021

'If Rebels Stop The Killing, The Army Will Withdraw'

Ever since Prafulla Kumar Mahanta took over as Assam chief minister in May 1996, the state has witnessed violence but the spurt in the killings and sabotage since the beginning of August has put a big question mark on his fire-control ability. But Ma

'If Rebels Stop The Killing, The Army Will Withdraw'

Why this sudden spurt in violence?

As you know, several militant groups in the Northeast have given a boycott and bandh call for August 15. The violence is part of that campaign.

But the incidents are mostly taking place in Assam.

We are the biggest and link state for the rest of the region. So it is convenient for the militants to carry out their activities which ultimately affect all the states.

Your government seems unable to mobilise people's support against insurgency. Why?

This is not true. We are also doing our best to mobilise people's support but the local media has not supported our efforts.

You have brought back the army in Guwahati and Jorhat.

(Smiles) I have not brought the army back. It is the militants who have forced the reintroduction of the army. If they stop killings, extortions and kidnappings, the army will not stay a day longer.

What other measures are you likely to take to tackle the crisis?

We are taking several steps for development and at the same time, efforts are continuing for...

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