19 October, 2020

'If Pakistan Can Take Up Gujarat Riots, Surely India Can Raise The Balochistan I

When systematic human rights violations take place, says the chairperson of HRCP, not only India but the world community too should take note...

'If Pakistan Can Take Up Gujarat Riots, Surely India Can Raise The Balochistan I
For over a year now, Pakistan's resource-rich but extremely backward province of Balochistan has witnessed clashes between armed Balochs and the Pakistan army, culminating in a massive military operation in the third week of December. Islamabad says the provocation for its action has come from tribal chiefs and nationalists who are opposed to development and have consequently created a perilous law and order situation. Not true, argues the other side, justifying their insurrection on the grounds that they have been denied their legitimate share in the income generated from the province's gas reserves; that the province has been excluded from the country's political process; that the slogan of development is just a pretext for the Pakistan army to expand its presence in the province.

As Islamabad continues to unsheath its iron fist, and accuses India of fomenting trouble in the province, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)
Asma Jahangir visited the affected areas. Her team was fired upon during the conduct of its...


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