17 January, 2021

If It's Strategy, Tellis Like It Is

Bombay-born Tellis is a low-key giant mind

If It's Strategy, Tellis Like It Is
Some say he is frighteningly intelligent, others are simply in awe. His breadth of knowledge and level of scholarship are formidable. Ashley J. Tellis, the Bombay-born superstar of strategy, today ranks as one of America's foremost experts whose clarity of thought is like a force of fresh air. His India's Emerging Nuclear Posture is considered a seminal book. His other books include Interpreting China's Grand Strategy, Limited Conflicts Under the Nuclear Umbrella and Measuring National Power in the Post-Industrial Age.

Meeting the low-key Tellis, you would never know he occupies an important place in Washington's policy stratosphere because he is without airs. Apart from being a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment, a pre-eminent Washington think-tank, he continues as an advisor to the US government. Tellis has become a valuable bridge between India and the US because of his deep understanding of both countries. He knows the Indian aspirations because he grew up there....


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