20 October, 2020

Idol Breakers

Iraqis accept the inevitable, that America has 'liberated' them from Saddam. Now they want to be left alone.

Idol Breakers
They fell on his image like a pack of wolves. These young men, who had known nothing but the iron grip of Saddam Hussein’s regime, were venting a lifetime of rage. They swarmed over the statue stamping, spitting and smashing the iron figure which lay at the feet of an American armoured personnel carrier. Within minutes it was decapitated. A group of men began to drag their prize onto the street. The head of the man who was omnipresent in their lives bounced down the steps under the weight of kicks and hammer blows. Finally, it was dragged unceremoniously through the streets of the city he dominated, by the people he had oppressed for so many years.

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance this moment will have on the people of Baghdad. Saddam Hussein had looked down on them from almost every corner, street and government building. His image was a constant and deliberate reminder of who was in control. Now his regime had been toppled by a group of young Americans, many of whom hadn’t even been born when he came to power. And those that tore him from his concrete...



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