27 September, 2020

Iconic Restaurants: West

The Parsi influence of Bombay food is evident, but the street food rules the Western scene...

Iconic Restaurants: West

Photograph by Apoorva Guptay

Colaba, Mumbai

In the city that never sleeps, we also need eateries that stay up. For decades, those who party hard in Colaba and dance till the security guards politely lead them out of the premises, didn’t have to worry about late night hunger pangs, thanks to Bademiya. The hip crowd shed their frills and queue up, sweaty and everyone breathing down another’s neck, for dinner and dessert. For decades, those who don’t party at all have also been flocking to Bademiya for their spicy, succulent mutton bhuna rolls and a zillion tava delicacies. Started in the 1940s, Bademiya was a modest stall with an open kitchen. Over the years it has expanded to a bigger eating area and a proper dining restaurant at Horniman Circle.