02 March, 2021

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After six years of legal wrangling with Maneka Gandhi over his infringement of her right to privacy (the case has now moved from the Delhi high court to the Supreme Court), Singh's Truth, Love & A Little Malice finally triumphs: an exclusive

Khuswant Singh : candid memoirist
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Jawaharlal Nehru
"Lady Mountbatten was his favourite hobby"
Then there was Pandit Nehru's first visit to England as Prime Minister to attend the Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference. We had decided to bring out a weekly tabloid, India News, to mark the occasion. Jamal Kidwai and I had been to the press many times to finalise the layout, select typefaces and provide the news we were to carry in our first issue. The front page was to be devoted entirely to Panditji's visit and the importance of the Commonwealth Conference. We sent material for the first page a couple of days ahead of his arrival to the printers. The banner headline read 'Pandit Nehru in London'. When the proofs came for correction, the letter 'P' had been substituted by 'B'—'Bandit Nehru in London'. Was this some kind of joke? I rang up the manager of the press and ticked him off...

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