04 December, 2020

"I Will Not Name The Indian Mole"

Ayub Gohar Khan clams up after raising a storm

"I Will Not Name The Indian Mole"

Twenty-four hours after Capt (retd) Gohar Ayub Khan managed his 15 minutes of fame through a sensational statement that his father and president Field Marshal Ayub Khan had purchased New Delhi's '65 war plan from an Indian brigadier, Outlook presented him two names—Maj Gen R.S. Nirohna and Narendra Singh—to verify whether one of them was indeed the person. Gohar chuckled and said, "No, these two were too junior at the time. I'll respond when you give me some more names to choose from." He then went on to clarify that Pakistan had purchased the war plan a little before 1958, and Outlook should shortlist names of those who were brigadiers in the 1950s and are still alive.

The following day, Outlook presented Gohar with a list of six new names—Sam Manekshaw, D.K. Palit, O.P. Malhotra, M.N. Batra, G. Sarkar, and G.G. Bewoor. Gone was the bluster he had demonstrated a day earlier. Gohar was taciturn, "No comments today. The issue has become too hot in India. It's now for them to find out who was the brigadier who...



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