03 March, 2021

"I Want A Sanctions- Free Relationship"

Karl 'Rick' Inderfurth, assistant secretary of state for South Asia in the US State Department, talked in Washington about Indo-US rela tions, the CTBT, and India's nuclear programme. Excerpts:

"I Want A Sanctions- Free Relationship"

India and the US have no direct conflict in terms of security and strategic concerns. Then why doesn’t the US accept the ground reality of India’s nuclear weaponisation?

No one disputes the reality of the nuclear tests by India and Pakistan. However, those tests present a challenge to US national security interests— specifically our pursuit of global non-proliferation. We have argued strongly with our Indian counter-parts that nuclear weapons do not guarantee greater security. In senior- level dialogues, we have sought to reconcile India’s security concerns with international non- proliferation concerns, to achieve a "harmonisation," as Jaswant Singh has put it, of our views. We believe the steps we are asking India to take are in India’s own security interests. We intend to con-tinue to pursue this goal with whatever government is formed in India. We also think some in India tend to underestimate the impact its nuclear and missile deci-sions may have on other states.

What happens to the assurance given...

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