25 November, 2020

'I Still Hear The Shots In My Head'

A top banker who was entertaining senior financial people at a private dinner at the Taj's Golden Dragon restaurant recounts the ordeal to Payal Kapadia

'I Still Hear The Shots In My Head'
We had called a few senior financial people for a private dinner in one of the dining rooms at the Golden Dragon. Suddenly we heard a gunshot from the area where the elevators are, in the lobby next to the poolside. First we thought it was some sort of repair work, but after a few minutes, we heard it again—rat-a-tat-tat. It was definitely not hammering, and even though I’m no expert on guns, it sounded like something coming out of a gun. The Taj personnel were very good, a senior security guy came in and said, "Everyone, get down!" So we did. At this point, some people from our original dinner party had already left the hotel, before this shooting began. Those of us who were left were soon lying flat under tables, behind chairs, behind pillars for a while, not sure what the shooting was all about, but doing what we were told.

Then the security guys told us, we will evacuate you through the kitchen of the Golden Dragon, so we all walked out, through the kitchen and into the Harbour Bar. At the very entrance, someone was lying shot dead. We...



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