17 June, 2021
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    khushwant singh on retirement

‘I May Die Any Day Now’

His zest is alive, but Khushwant puts his column-writing to rest

Courtesy: Penguin India/Dinesh Khanna
‘I May Die Any Day Now’

Such A Long Journey...

  • Khushwant’s career as a journalist started while he was a briefless lawyer in Lahore in 1940, and wrote regularly for the Tribune, contributing book reviews and profiles under the byline ‘KS’
  • His first regular column appeared in Yojana, launched by the government to publicise its five-year plans. The columns were “smothered under government garbage” but still managed to draw readers and create controversies
  • 1969 saw the birth of India’s most widely-read column, Editor’s Page, in the Illustrated Weekly of India under his now famous sardar-in-lightbulb logo
  • The column migrated with him, first to the National Herald, and in 1980, to the Hindustan Times
  • Other newspapers began to eye his wildly popular column, with the Sunday Observer the first to buy the rights to it in 1981
  • When he left Hindustan Times in the mid-’80s, his column became...
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