04 March, 2021

'I Give A Lot Of Time To My Ministers'

Even as speculation is rife about his future, Kalyan Singh brushes aside all talk of a change. Enough water has run since then. It is a matter of the remote past, he says, referring to his threat of a mid-term poll if he is destabilised. Outlook caug

'I Give A Lot Of Time To My Ministers'
What is the future of this coalition?
The government is perfectly stable.

There is talk of a change...
The question of dissolving the House and holding a mid-term poll do not arise. I fail to understand how such issues are still being debated. Nobody wants a mid-term election when the state is in such a deep financial crisis. I am certain that the people have full trust in this government. And they want us to complete our full term.

Senior ministers are questioning your style of functioning.
I doubt if any other chief minister gives as much time to his ministers, mlas and people as I do. But there has to be a system of appointments and meetings so that the work of governance does not suffer. I hate breaking appointments for somebody who wants to gate-crash. So if 9.30 to 11.30 on Mondays are fixed for 'janata darshan' I expect people to meet me within the scheduled hours. In the same way, mlas are called for a meeting every Wednesday and Thursday. I meet only those who take prior appointments, provided I am not busy.

Then why are...

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