24 June, 2021

'I Fell In Love With A Bengali Girl'

But the General got 'hitched' in the conventional way. Snippets from his book.

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'I Fell In Love With A Bengali Girl'
On life, love and dogs
Like most Asian mothers, despite their demure public demeanour, my mother was the dominant influence on our family.

Both my parents loved music and dancing, especially ballroom dancing.

My love of dogs began in Turkey. We had a beautiful dog named Whiskey. I prefer small dogs, though, not the huge ones—I think people who keep Rottweilers, and similar dogs, have a need to cultivate a macho image.

On Garden Road (Karachi), I fell straight into my next romance. She was a beautiful Bengali girl from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). This crush was somewhat less frivolous than my first. She is happily married now, and lives in Bangladesh.

You might think that a person like me would have had a passionate affair and married for love. But I was hitched in the traditional fashion—an arranged marriage (to Sehba Farid).... I certainly owe the improvement in my written and spoken English to her.

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