09 March, 2021

'I Feel Free, Free For Combat'

An interview with Balram Jakhar:

'I Feel Free, Free For Combat'

You have said you won't take these charges lying down.
No. I will fight it legally, I will fight it politically, I will go to the people. I have to prove the falsehood of these charges.

Are you being targeted by the CBI?
Whatever the matter is, details will slowly come out. I don't want to accuse anybody. Time will tell. If I knew what the whole thing was, I would have been wiser. Some vested interests want to silence the farmers' lobby. But I feel exuberant and free, free for combat. It is now a struggle. Times like this occasionally come in life.

What do you think of the charges made against you?
At election time, a number of people come with something to offer. Some give a jeep, some give petrol, some give pamphlets. But nobody comes with crores of rupees in their pockets. When Devi Lal contested elections against me, he spent Rs 2 crore. I did not have that kind of money to spend. But there may have been some help that various people have offered.

Have you met Surendra Jain?

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