01 August, 2021

"I Don't Take Favours, Why Misuse My Name"

Sonia Gandhi's usually quiet son-in-law Robert Vadra made headlines when he issued a notice in The Times of India distancing himself from his father and brother. He accused them of misusing his name and proximity to the Gandhi family for favours like

Atul Choudhary
"I Don't Take Favours, Why Misuse My Name"

Why did you have to bring out a public notice to distance yourself from your family?
People have been misusing my name. It has been happening for some time with relatives and friends. I did talk to them about this. But things reached a point when I realised that I would have to do something about it before things got out of hand. I wanted to start with my closest relatives and send out this very clear message that no favours should be done in my name.

I am with Priyanka because we both care for each other. And nothing else. I am not here for any favours. Everyone must understand this. I have known Priyanka for long. I like her for herself and not for what she can provide me.

Hasn’t all this upset your family?
Some people may take it badly. But why should my name be misused? I will not stand for that, no matter what the relationship. The favours are asked in my name—I become the bad person here. And I don’t take any favours. If there is a queue to buy a railway ticket, I stand in the line.

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