18 June, 2021

I-Day Fever

Be it the dismally backward UP or the scintillatingly progressive Kerala, our government hospitals are hellholes.

I-Day Fever

For journalists, there is no greater cause for joy than an impactful story. We feel we have achieved our life’s mission when governments sit up, take note and change policy or bring in a new policy to address an issue of grave public concern or a scandal that we have exposed. In the last few months, my colleagues wrote two cover stories: one on “Cardiac Crooks”, about cardiologists and hospital owners who indulge in all sorts of scams in the name of overpriced cardiac stents, and another expose of the medical device industry and the huge markups involved in the sale of implants, especially the artificial knee. First, the government brought in price control for imported stents and now it has capped the price for kneecaps. Beyond the pun, there is a great sense of purpose and fulfillment in seeing these caps in place.

But I am not celebrating the ‘Outlook Impact’ here because in the last fortnight 60 children or more have died in a Gorakhpur medical college of a purely treatable disease. And around 400 people died in Kerala of fever this monsoon...

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