28 January, 2021

"I Can See A Network For The Solar System By 2040"

He is the father of the Internet. But Vinton Cerf admits that when he, with his colleague Robert Kahn, invented TCP/IP - the computer language that gave birth to the Internet - he didn't know what he had unleashed. Currently Senior Vice-Presid

"I Can See A Network For The Solar System By 2040"

Will everyone on the planet one day be connected to the Internet?
I hope so. Although I'm also aware that not everyone would want to use this kind of technology.

Why wouldn't they?
That's like asking why anyone wouldn't want to read a book. Or if you had a TV, and had the option of watching Shakespeare or a stupid sitcom, why would you watch the sitcom. Not everyone offered the facility of technology will take it.

Would denying people access to the Internet have to do with governments' commitment to democracy?
Yes, some governments might want to prevent information from being free. They can stay in power by keeping their populations ignorant of what's going on around them and especially in the West. The Net is a democratising tool. It's also a powerful tool for misinformation. When you begin figuring out that not everything on it is equally valid, it helps you think critically.

What about the loss of privacy? Millions are surfing the Net without realising they're leaving a digital trail that says a lot about their...



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