29 November, 2020

"I Believe In India"

The chairman of Fiat and president of Ferrari is an icon in Italy, and not just for the usual attributes of good looks and style. He resurrected both companies, putting the Italian auto industry firmly back on the map.

"I Believe In India"

Why is India important for Italy?

India is more than important for basically three reasons. India is a very, very old country with a history, culture and tradition like Italy. And we can use the English language to be in touch. Then India’s industrial situation is similar to us. Both have big companies but are dominated by small and medium-sized companies. It is extremely important for both to do joint ventures. Thirdly, there are important opportunities in India. Apart from big companies like Fiat, which has been in India forever, there are possibilities in infrastructure, leather processing, machinery, food processing, tourism. We have both big brands and high technology in these areas and the right-sized industry. And India can be an important bridge for exporting to East Asia.

Is there concern in Europe about China’s overpowering presence?

Yes. I think China represents huge opportunities for Europe. Having said that, we have language barriers, as well as ipr problems. For me India is far closer to Italy in terms of culture for companies....



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