29 July, 2021

I Become The Rabab

A lodestar of music is no more. A disciple grieves, a devout finds grace.

Avinash Pasricha
I Become The Rabab

Dear Baba, it is so hard to realize that you are no longer with us. After 37 years, you have been as much a part of my life as my parents. You have been a second father to me, a guru and the most important teacher and spiritual guide I ever had. With love, respect, devotion and sadness, I am now searching for a way to bid farewell to you and to ease the pain that is in my heart.

But why all this pain? Actually I am happy for you. You have had an incredible and long life, spanning epochs and continents. You have fulfilled your father’s wish to "spread this music as far as the sun and moon shine." You have given the gift of your music to audiences all over the world. For over 70 years, and in spite of ill health recently, you have continued to inspire thousands of students with your teaching and sense of duty and commitment to passing on this great tradition. You have taught us right up to your last breath. I am so happy and fortunate to have been with you for a significant part of your long journey. ...

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