11 May, 2021

"I Am Not Deputy Pm Material"

The soft-spoken president of the Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC), Govindaswamy Karuppiah Moopanar, does not betray his sense of frustration or anger at being pipped at the post for the top job. But party leaders who thronged the capital in the hope of s

"I Am Not Deputy Pm Material"
What prompted you to decide against joining the government?

My parliamentary party has explained why we took the decision. I am part of the parliamentary party and that says it all. We decided to stay out because a section of the UF raised questions about the political morality of the TMC and its loyalty to the Front.

Don't you think this will weaken the UF and the government?

Why should it weaken either? We are supporting the UF as well as the government. The only difference now is that we are not going to be part of the administration. Our 20 MPs are with the UF.

Will this decision affect your equations with the DMK in Tamil Nadul?

I don't know why you are asking such a question. It's hypothetical and I don't want to comment.

I.K. Gujral has told us that he will convince you to reconsider your decision?

Mr Gujral met me yesterday (April 19) and asked us to reconsider our decision. On Sunday, Chandrababu Naidu came to meet me with the same message. But you must realise that I am heading a democratic party and I can't go...

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