17 May, 2021

‘I Am Living In The World I Always Dreamed Of’

Twinkle Khanna, Inspiring Woman of the Year

Photograph by Fotocorp
‘I Am Living In The World I Always Dreamed Of’

Twinkle Khanna is a columnist, author, interior designer and actor. She chats with Prachi Pinglay-Plumber on the sci-fi she read as a 15-year-old, the first book of ­fiction she has penned and everything in between.

How hard is it to be constantly spontaneous and witty in your writing?

My way of looking at life is not straightforward; it’s whimsical. I think people find me funny because sometimes the truth is actually funny. We cloak it with so many layers and bec­ome sanctimonious about it. Recently, I was asked why I didn’t change my surname, I just said I am married, not branded, but people thought it was a witty reply. It was just the truth. I am not a small firm being taken over by a big corporation, so I have to change my logo. That was my logic.

Has the social media phenomenon grown on you?

I love Twitter. Here I get pieces of information quickly, and I also get myriad viewpoints rather than a one-sided view from a particular newspaper. Here I have...

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