13 May, 2021

Hymn For The Weekend

It’s still a celebration of India, not a putdown.

Hymn For The Weekend

Rating: ***

Why can’t Indians just accept entertainment as entertainment? Not every song or movie has some racist genius behind it, plotting against India and its cultural sensibilities. If you are wondering, that reference is to the storm of outrage over Coldplay’s latest India-themed music video Hymn for the Weekend. Hello! It’s just the theme for a catchy song and Chris Martin’s powerful vocals, and, of course, Beyonce’s stunning cameo. The critics, however, would have us believe that it was conceived in Karachi, directed by Dawood Ibrahim and sponsored by the ISIS. Sure, there are stereotypes but the video was made for a global audience and it just makes use of scenes closely identifiable with India in the public mind—yoga, Kathakali dancers, slumkids playing Holi—but it’s still a celebration of India, not a...

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