30 July, 2021

Hydra In The Head

Cases of brain cysts, caused by tapeworm, are rising sharply in cities across India

Hydra In The Head

Hatched In Veggie Paradise

  • The incidence of neurocysticercosis, or cysts in the brain caused by tapeworm eggs, is reaching epidemic proportions in our cities
  • The vast majority of cases are caused by eating vegetables grown in soil or water contaminated by sewage
  • Tapeworm eggs cling to vegetables like green coriander, spinach, salads, cabbage and enter the bloodstream when eaten raw or even lightly cooked, as in stir-fries. They can be lodged in the brain, where they form cysts.
  • Symptoms of neurocysticercosis include persistent headache, numbness and tingling in the face or arms, visual changes, epileptic seizures.
  • Treatment is complex, lengthy, often with debilitating side-effects
  • Prevention: Wash vegetables throughly with potassium permanganate. When eating out, avoid salads, green coriander garnishes; shredded cabbage and carrot mixed into chowmein, vegetable stir-fries.


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