01 October, 2020

Hum Along The Path

You live along with the film. The ideals of the characters become yours.

Hum Along The Path
Just the other day I watched Pather Panchali again, for the fifth time on my computer screen. As the hazy non-restored non-subtitled VCD played on, I wondered why I’ve grown to like it so much. Is it for the spontaneous unadorned acting, the heart-felt story or the resonant music?

To me, Pather Panchali means pure cinema. One which is not about telling a story or hearing the dialogues. Nothing much happens in Nishchindipur. It is all about visuals held together by silences and sounds to create feelings abidingly haunting. Intimate emotions are made so tangible that you can virtually pick them up from the screen and hold them in your hands. Whether it is the smile of a kid staring at the pompous village shopkeeper-teacher or the tragedy of a mother who has lost her young daughter—emotions are articulated without words and are all the more searing for that. You don’t need subtitles to sympathise with these people, you live along their feelings. And somewhere the...



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