27 July, 2021

How To Wear A Baby

No longer the simple task it once was, parenting now means micromanaging child-rearing

Tribhuvan Tiwari
How To Wear A Baby

Panic. Hysteria. Paranoia. That is how Benazir Hussain, 30, remembers the days when she turned first-time mother two years ago. “I wanted to race to the paediatrician at the slightest sign of a cold in my son,” says this special educator at a Noida school. “My father would tell me, let him be, it’s a natural process, let his immune system build up. But I wouldn’t pause even for a moment to think. I would have a 101 questions, so I would Google and read 10 articles on my worries, then confirm it from people around me, just to be sure.” She had enough company in this paranoia, surrounded by friends and colleagues, all equally nervous about bringing up babies in this day and age.

Yes, hyper-parenting was about last decade. But it’s alive and kicking five years down this decade as well, with parenting no longer a mundane, routine, everybody-knows-how-to-do-it thing, but an art to be perfected in double-quick time. Every step of parenting, right from conception to feeding, clothing and playing is to be thought through as carefully as a...

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