13 May, 2021

How To Swap A Partner

Promiscuity's in full flow as Dravidian, national parties stage a frantic mating ritual

How To Swap A Partner
When the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) joined the aiadmk camp, political pundits pulled out their calculators and—based on the votes polled by the respective parties in the 1996 elections—read an arithmetic advantage to the aiadmk-led front. By their account, Jayalalitha is on a high and the comeback trail. The assumption was that the Congress and the Tamil Maanila Congress (tmc) would come to terms with the pmk, as the third front was seen as a non-viable option. But within a week, the situation has changed dramatically. Now it appears that the tmc and the Congress are veering towards forming a new front, independent of the aiadmk.

More than the pmk's extreme ideology, one source of considerable apprehension in the Congress and the tmc is a secret deal between the aiadmk and the bjp. With one of the Sangh's favourite journalists and Rajya Sabha MP, Cho Ramaswamy, emerging as Jayalalitha's key advisor, these parties are unwilling to accept her secular credentials at face value. "Jayalalitha was the only leader to defend the kar seva and we have not forgotten it," says a...

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