20 October, 2020

How To Fashion A Fork

Talks with Pakistan must continue. It is mildewy strategy that should go.

Illustration by Sorit
How To Fashion A Fork

The dominant reaction in India to the Wikileaks disclosures, cataloguing Pakistan’s serial misdemeanours and double-dealing in the war against terrorism, has been one of patent satisfaction. It is  reckoned that despite the general reluctance to confront Pakistan, this latest expose could hardly be explained away. But this is neither the first nor the last time when Pakistan’s double-dealing will be given a pass. Remember A.Q. Khan and his “private nuclear superbazaar”? That was a bigger camel that made it through the eye of the needle. As long as Pakistan’s friends determine that their interests are better served by playing along with Pakistan’s rulers than by confronting the latter on their double-dealing, not much is likely to change. We need to admit that the objectives of our Pakistan policy, in particular the cessation of cross-border terrorism and not merely its occasional remission, are unlikely to be delivered through the instrumentality of the US-led coalition. This is a challenge we will need...



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