28 February, 2021

How To Burn The Bridge

First week in office and Narendra Modi’s office rocks the boat with Article 370 blooper. Is the Sangh set to raise the Kashmir bogey?

Jitender Gupta
How To Burn The Bridge


It’s the Article in the Constitution that forms the sole bridge between Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Union. Some facts:

  • J&K is the only state that negotiated its membership with the Indian Union
  • It was discussed for five months—from May to October 1949—between Jawaharlal Nehru and his aides and Sheikh Abdullah and his aides
  • The draft agreed between the state and the Union was approved in October 1949 and adopted in the Constitution as Article 370
  • The provision of Article 370 (1-C) stipulates that Article 1 of the Constitution—that lists the states of the Indian Union—applies to J&K through Article 370. Which means if Article 370 is removed, J&K becomes independent.


Kashmir And Article 370

From 1947 on, milestones of the dispute

  • 1947 October The J&K maharaja accedes to the Indian Union in the wake of raids by armed tribesmen...
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