25 February, 2021

How To Avoid Those Poison Pinpricks

How To Avoid Those Poison Pinpricks
Steps to keep the menace at bay

  • Store water in containers with tight fitting lids
  • Empty coolers, or put kerosene in water in cooler tanks
  • Empty animal water bowls
  • Empty vases, or change water in them every day
  • Empty water drip tray under the refrigerator
  • Use repellent cream on exposed areas of skin
  • Use anti-mosquito mats, coils or vapourisers in rooms
  • Use mosquito nets to protect children and elderly who sleep during the day
  • Dress to cover arms and legs
  • Treat curtains with insecticide
  • Homoeopaths say Eupatorium perfoliatum 200, taken twice daily for 3 days and then 2 doses a week at 3-4 day intervals, is believed to be a preventive
Symptoms of dengue and chikungunya

  • High fever, 103-105 degrees, severe headache and pain in joints, with or without swelling, nausea, vomiting, rashes
  • Symptoms appear 3-7 days later l Fever lasts less than a week, but in some cases joint pains and swelling persist for several weeks (in chikungunya up to a year)

Management of dengue...

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