25 November, 2020

How The West Was Not Won

Uncle Sam can't see beyond its nose. India, stop obsessing.

How The West Was Not Won

On the day following Bombay's July 11 terrorist attacks, I was having lunch in Washington with the editor of a respected centre-left American magazine. That morning Israel had begun its aerial bombardment of Lebanon. "Do you think Hezbollah carried out the Mumbai train attacks?" the editor asked me.

I mention this not to mock my lunch companion, who is a subtle and intelligent observer of the US domestic scene, but to illustrate two points about America's intelligentsia. First, most of America's opinion-shapers see all Muslim terrorist groups (although some more than others) as participating in a united global jehad against "us"—and that includes India nowadays. And second, they don't have much of a clue about India (or Hezbollah for that matter).

Which brings me to the point of this article: India, as many Indians have correctly observed, occupies a lot more American mindspace than it used to. But, so far, India does not—as some Indians incorrectly believe—occupy a prominent share of America's thoughts,...



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