21 September, 2020

How The '90s Shaped A Khan-Kim Axis...

How The '90s Shaped A Khan-Kim Axis...
  • Pakistani officials visit North Korea to view the Nodong missile prototype 1993...
    • Pakistani and Iranian specialists present as North Korea tests the Nodong.
    • In December, Benazir visits North Korea. In a 2004 interview, she says, "When I went to North Korea, A.Q. Khan told me we can get their (missile) technology (so) that we can compare to our own. So I took (it) up with Kim Il-Sung (Kim Jong’s father). In December ’93, I talked to him and he agreed...and it was cash...they needed money and so it was done for cash."
    • North Korea exports components for 12 Nodong missiles in 11 special flights of Pakistan C-130 aircraft.
    • In April, Pakistan tests the Nodong. Renames it the Ghauri.
    • Defector Hwang Jang-Yop, a former aide to Kim Il-Sung, testifies to a deal to trade long-range missiles in exchange for the uranium enrichment technology of Pakistan. It was a barter deal.
    • Beginning 1997, Khan visits North Korea at least 13 times over the next few years.


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