15 May, 2021

How Modi-Shah Arithmetic Proved Opposition Calculus Wrong

With this victory—which has the look of a tectonic plate shifting—Narendra Modi becomes the first non-Congress PM since Indira Gandhi to return to power for a full five-year term.

Photograph by PTI
How Modi-Shah Arithmetic Proved Opposition Calculus Wrong

Words like ‘epochal’ get used lightly these days, for cricket and other diversions with only a fleeting effect on deep realities. But if there ever was consensus on the use of words to des­cribe an epic event, on all sides of India’s many political divides, it emerged this week. Everyone shared one view: that historians looking back a century or two later would see May 23, 2019, as a day when history turned. In some ways, its import is deeper than May 16, 2014. That was a huge wave...they called it ‘Tsunamo’. But that was only 31 per cent. A word is waiting to be coined that can express something way bigger than that: a collective act, performed by almost 40 per cent of those who voted in this general election, across the country. PM Narendra Modi’s helmsmanship has been re-endorsed in a most emphatic way. History was not made without other things making way for it. Established political premises stood dem­olished. A caste coalition, crafted only for this battle and without any deeper mut­ual empathies, crumbled before a...

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