17 May, 2021

How Modi Got His May Back

Saffron morale gets a boost as RSS groundwork and a pragmatic outlook on finding allies pays off for the BJP

Petals From The East
Modi and Amit Shah at the BJP office in Delhi
Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
How Modi Got His May Back

Goliath & No David

  • Amit Shah is now in a stronger position to implement his plans for the 2017 elections in UP
  • The Congress has already conceded so much space that it can no longer lead an anti-BJP front


May, it seems, has become the favourite month of India’s ruling party. It was another May, two years ago, when the BJP took power at the Centre, riding on the slogan of ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’. Soon after the Lok Sabha results were announced and just before Narendra Modi took oath of office, close aides of BJP president Amit Shah, Modi’s master strategist, had already begun work on Shah’s ‘east India’ plans. In a quiet meeting in central Delhi, two days bef­ore Modi’s swearing-in, Shah’s team of young IIT-MBA graduates with experience at the World Bank, when quizzed on what next, had told this reporter, “Exp­ansion. We are looking to expand our base in the Northeast and we must win Assam for that.”...

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